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Ticketless Parking

Ticketless Parking at Cairns Central

Cairns Central has introduced Ticketless Parking, a new advanced parking management system using licence plate recognition, that will allow our customers to enter and exit Centre parking without the need of a ticket. 

Click here to register at

From Monday 23 November 2020, customers will continue to enjoy 3 hours free* parking when they visit Cairns Central and if you’re paying for parking after 3 hours, just remember your rego. For more information about Ticketless Parking, please refer to the Q & A’s below. 

Customers can still park for free if they:

- Park for three hours or less.
- Enter the Centre after 6pm (and exit before 6am).
- Have an authorised disabled parking permit and register with Customer Service.
In addition, customers can validate a fourth hour of free parking if they have purchased a cinema ticket. For those who stay beyond three hours and don’t qualify for additional free parking, costs will start at just $4. 

Cairns Central has 3000 car spaces for your convenience.

Accessible Parking 

Located close to entrances on every level of the car park for ease of access to and from the centre. Wider spaces make getting in and out of the car easier.

About Ticketless Managed Parking

Customers can enjoy a minimum of 3 hours of free* parking when they visit Cairns Central. Our managed parking system, based on licence plate recognition, improves the ease and time required for customers to find a parking space.

Parking is FREE* for customers who:

  • Park for 3 hours or less
  • Have an authorised disabled parking permit*
  • Visit the Centre on Sunday
  • Visit after 6pm and leave before 6am

Cinema customers can also claim a fourth hour of free* parking when they scan their cinema ticket at any pay station.  

Customers who have stayed more than 3 hours in the centre (and aren’t eligible to claim additional free* parking) will incur a fee. Parking costs start at $4 for the first 30 minutes.

Parking Rates

Time Rate
Up to 3 hours FREE
3 –3.5 hours $4
3.5– 4.5 hours $6
4.5– 5 hours $8
5 – 6 hours $12
6 – 7 hours $15
Over 7 hours $20


Customers have a choice of three payment options:

1) Car Park Pay Stations: Enter registration details at any pay station located within any Cairns Central car park, applicable fees can be paid with cash or card
2) Exit Boom Gates: Paypass or paywave your credit or debit card to pay applicable fees upon exit of the car park at the boom gates
3) Online Account: Register your vehicle registration and credit or debit card details at to create an automatic payment account

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding Smart Park parking, please contact Point Parking at [email protected].

*Terms and conditions apply, click here for details.
°Disability car spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does Cairns Central have Ticketless Parking?

A: Cairns Central is committed to providing the best customer experience to shoppers. The new Ticketless Parking system will improve the parking experience by making it easier and quicker for customers to enter and exit the carpark. 

Q: How does the new Ticketless Parking system work?

A: The Ticketless Parking system will take a photo of your vehicle licence plate on entry into the car park, no physical ticket is required.  Customers who park under 3 hours can proceed to the exit where the parking system will recognise the photo taken on entry and the exit boom gate will raise automatically.  To pay for parking after 3 hours, simply pay at any of the Pay Stations. 

Q: How do I register for Ticketless Parking?

A: For a seamless parking experience, customers or retailers can register for Ticketless Parking. Customers simply need to register their details at at least 24 hours before visiting the Cairns Central. 

Once registered, customers or retailers can proceed directly to the exit and the parking fee (if applicable) will be automatically charged to their registered credit or debit card. 

Q: Why should customers register online?

A: Customers are encouraged to register their vehicle rego number and credit or debit card details at 

Once registered, if customers choose to stay longer than three hours there will be no need to visit a pay station as the fee will be automatically charged to their registered account credit or debit card on exit.

Click here to view the terms and conditions.

Q: What are the parking fees?

A: As always, customers can park for free at Cairns Central every day for 3 hours.  If your stay with us is longer than 3 hours, then the following parking fees will apply. 

Time Rate
Up to 3 hours FREE
3 –3.5 hours $4
3.5– 4.5 hours $6
4.5– 5 hours $8
5 – 6 hours $12
6 – 7 hours $15
Over 7 hours $20

Sunday: Free all day.
Disability Permit Holders – Free parking

Cinema customers can enjoy an extra hour of free* parking by validating their cinema ticket at any pay station using the barcode on their cinema ticket. 

Q: I have a disabled parking permit.  Will parking fees apply?

A: Customers with an authorised disabled parking permit will be able to park free* all day. Authorised disability parking permit holders can register their permit and licence plate details at the Customer Service Desk. 

Q: Can I park for free multiple times per day?

A: Customers are entitled to 3 hours free* parking on first entry into the car park. When returning to the car park on the same day, an additional 3 hours free* parking will be available if your time of car park entry is more than 45 minutes after exiting.

Q: Will there be staff to help?

A: Customers needing assistance can contact car park staff by pressing the HELP button on any Pay Station or Exit device, or visit the Customer Service Desk. 

Q: Can shopping centre retailers take advantage of the parking promotions?

Retailers and shopping centre staff are not eligible for parking promotions.

Q: Will my personal details be kept secure?

A: Cairns Central will keep all personal details secure in accordance with our privacy policy, which can be found on our website  This policy adheres with Australia’s Privacy Act.

Q: How do motorcycle riders pay?

A: Motorcycle riders can park for free in a designated motorcycle bay only. Customers who ride a motorcycle are encouraged to contact the Customer Service Centre to register their motorcycle.

Q: Who should I contact if I wish to dispute a carpark fee?

A: If you wish to dispute an car park fee, please initially contact Point Parking at [email protected] 

*Terms and conditions apply
°Disability car spaces

Terms and Conditions

Read our Ticketless Parking terms and conditions here

Read our Parking and Promotions terms and conditions here

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