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Redevelopment FAQ'S

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the value of the Cairns Central redevelopment project?
A: The Cairns Central redevelopment is a $60 million dollar project.

Q: What will the redevelopment deliver to Cairns Central?
A: The redevelopment will deliver:
• a complete refurbishment of Myer, across a larger, single floor of approximately 7,500sqm with an improved retail experience and an increased number of new and exclusive brands;
• a new fresh food market hall, anchored by Woolworths, offering exciting new dining options and food retailers;
• new speed parking ramp that will give customers easy and direct access to the fresh food market hall;
• greater parking convenience with the implementation of ticketless parking, and park assist system;
• new amenities including a children’s play area and additional parenting rooms; and
• ambience and amenities upgrades including bathrooms and a new and improved customer service desk.

Q: When do you anticipate it to be finished?
A: We expect construction will take approximately 18 months and be completed late 2020.

Q: What parts of the centre will be affected?
A: Construction impacts will be contained to the southern part of the Centre and the Spence Street car park entrance.

We will be minimising impacts to customers and retailers by delivering the development in stages.

Q: What new retailers can the community expect following the redevelopment?
A: The redevelopment will deliver a refurbished Myer, a new Woolworth’s store, a new fresh food market hall anchored by Woolworths, offering exciting new dining options and food retailers.

Q: What does the frictionless parking mean and parking assist system mean for customers? Will customers have to pay more for parking?
A: Customer car park prices will remain the same.

Frictionless parking will make entering and exiting the Centre quicker and easier as customers no longer need to obtain a ticket at the gate and instead, they just need to remember their number plate.

The parking assist system will help customers quickly identify an available parking space, using the red and green lights which will be located above spaces.

Q: Will there be additional leasing opportunities available at Cairns Central?
A: Any retailers interested in leasing a store should contact our leasing team for a consultation. Please contact the Customer Service Desk ph 07 4041 4111 for further details.

Q: Will the redevelopment bring about employment opportunities?
A: It is estimated that the redevelopment will generate up to 50 jobs during construction and over 125 additional retail positions once the project is complete.

Q: Will you be keeping us updated as to progress on the redevelopment?
A: Yes. We will keep you updated throughout the redevelopment via regular updates on our Cairns Central website and Facebook page. To receive regular updates from Cairns Central please subscribe to our Newsletter. 

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