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Editorial Cairns Central Meets Rebecca Judd

Posted on 26 April by

Cairns Central chats to Rebecca Judd about her latest linen collection, Rebecca Judd Loves X Adairs.

More than 600,000 people follow Rebecca Judd on Instagram, and it’s not hard to see why; from her personal style to her beautiful home and gorgeous family, the model and lifestyle blogger certainly has a glamorous life.

Rebecca’s latest bed linen collection with Adairs (Rebecca Judd Loves X Adairs), is an extension of her signature look – feminine, contemporary, and always elegant. Recently, Rebecca Judd took time out to talk to Cairns Central about her Autumn/Winter release, what inspired the chic-meets-cosy pieces, and how she keeps her home looking so good as a busy businesswoman and mum of four.

What defines your new collection?

This collection is all about really lush textures and fabrics. Moving into the cooler months, we really wanted to play with velvet. We’ve got this gorgeous quilted jersey that’s really cosy. Then we’ve also done a flange or gusset thicker edge along the hem of two of our designs – playing with the trims and fabrics was the main difference with this collection.

Tell us about your colour palette, and what inspired your choices.

I’m obsessed with pink. I find when I post pink things [on Instagram], everyone goes crazy over them and it’s really part of, I guess, me. So of course I had to get some blush pink in there somewhere. It’s not in-your-face pink; it’s really nice and pared back.

The ONYX bed cover [is] blush pink but it’s also got the marble vein through it, which is one of my favourite things. It’s been going nuts. I think girls still like little bit of pink even if they’re going with greys and neutrals. [It’s] fun and it’s not overpowering.

Do you see a connection between trends on the runway and in the home?
Absolutely. Marble is huge right now; I’ve seen marble heels, trays, servers, cushions, bedcovers – there definitely are symmetries. With my Adairs range, I’ve always tried to think [about] what’s on-trend, what’s going to be the next big trend. I like being on-trend and having my house reflect that.

Do you feel as though your collection also caters for those living in warmer climates like Cairns?
Yeah, absolutely! For example, the LUSH velvet navy [bedcover] or the gridded NOAH [quilt cover] – because they’re both quilted, there’s more volume to them. When it’s hotter, I take my duvet out of the centre and just use the cover, which is a lot lighter [but still has] the quilted look.

I [also use] this beautiful washed linen – like a linen mix [for my range with Adairs] to dress the bed and the quilted bed cover without the duvet almost as a coverlette at the base of the bed. It looks good for styling but it also serves a really functional and practical purpose as well, [as you can] pull it up when you need it at night.

Do you have any advice on how to keep your home looking great with children in tow?
Go for fabrics that are easily washable – as much as you try and avoid them, [spills] happen almost every single day. I remember I had this incredible wool throw and Billie, my three-year-old daughter, spilled Milo on it. And I hand washed it as per the washing instructions and it still [pilled] and I could never use it again. It was so disappointing.

With [my Adairs range], I’ve made sure [to] include kid-friendly fabrics – things that you can wash and chuck in the tumble dryer and they’re going to be fine. My ONYX quilt, for example, is really versatile. Because I often feed the kids in bed, instead of washing it straightaway, I flip it over and get a few more days’ wear out of it.

Head to to discover all of the beautiful pieces in the Rebecca Judd Loves X Adairs collection.

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