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Editorial Race Track Trends

Posted on 13 August by Pip Addison

Fashion Tips by Pip Addison

Fashion Trends
You will always see the classic elegant lace midi dresses and floral prints, but for current fashion-forward trends, you will be seeing bright NEON colours like pink and yellow.

Top 3 Do’s and Don’ts
Don’t wear shoes you can not walk in or wear all day. Not too much skin showing keep it polished. Put in the effort and dress up.

2019 Standouts
Puff sleeves are still showcasing but make way for padded shoulders… Do you remember balloon skirts? Yes, you will start to see them pop up!
Tulle, coloured tartan and animal prints will be huge this year, as well as bling accessories!

Season Colours
Lavender, soft blues and yellow as well as your neon’s, monochrome is always a winner, white is always stunning, and coral is one to watch!

Hats vs Fascinators
Always a mix and depends on what you feel more confident in. I think you will also see more hairpins/clips this year intertwined into hairstyles using pearls and jewels. Headbands will be a favourite again this year and the really oversized wide brim is showing up on FOTF. Berets will be new and don’t forget veiling and bows which is my pic!

Meet The Author

Pip Addison has over 20 years of experience within the fashion industry and is also the founder of ModernStyle. Having worked with many clients as both individuals seeking help with personal styling through to larger corporate or commercial events such as fashion shoots, fashion parades, and also advertising campaigns, Pip knows how to help one look and feel great.

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