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Posted on 9 May by Cairns Central

This autumn winter is dripping in radiant jewel tones like emerald, elegant sapphire and deep amethyst, so if it’s a little glamour you’re searching for during the icy months, then this is one closet must-have that you can’t let slip.

This scintillating trend is appearing in all manner of gemstone hues and when paired with luxe fabrics like satin, silk and velvet, can create a look that is about as glamorous as they come.

The minute jewel tones were draped across the catwalk, we sifted through the designers who were showcasing this opulent trend and distilled the looks into their most wearable form. The result? Easy-to-achieve, mood-enhancing outfits for all occasions this autumn winter.

Interestingly, there has been research into how certain colours and colour palettes can affect your mood (and confidence as a result) and this is what we uncovered.

Sapphire: There’s a reason when asked what their favourite colour is, that the majority of people will say blue. One of the explanations is that the mind immediately associates this tone with a clear lake or the soothing inky-blue sky after the sun sets and thus, the colour emulates a cool-calm-and-collected feeling when worn. Going for a job interview? This tone is a great choice for a power suit to keep your mind composed and confident. This jewel tone is also arguably one of the easiest colours to inject into the wardrobes of both men and women as it retains the versatility of its close relative navy, yet has a little more finesse and impact – the perfect statement colour for a blazer or tailored pant.

Emerald: Earthy and alluring, emerald green is said to be an energetic hue. Green is understandably considered one of the most prevalent colours in the world as thoughts of rich, lush foliage come to mind. However, despite the fact that the leaves may have reverted to their winter orange hues during the cooler months, emerald green has found its place in fashion and we can’t get enough of it! Satin mid-length skirts, thick knitted cardigans and silky scarves in this shade are simple and elegant and are the perfect accompaniment for neutral tones like caramel and terracotta. A hue that can take you from a daytime catch-up to an evening soirée – emerald is a must-include in your autumn winter wardrobe.

Amethyst: Take a moment to think back to the days in primary school art class when the teacher asked, ‘what colour do you make when you mix blue with red?’. The answer is purple and when broken into its two elements, the tranquil connotations of blue and the fierce passion of red combine to create a hue that is truly striking and powerful, in both a fashion and mindful sense. This autumn winter tonal trend is one of the most prominent of the season and a fierce colour to opt for when selecting accessories like a leather tote or crossbody bag. Amethyst purple is also a perfect pairing with monochromatic pieces to add another on-trend layer to your outfit, or if it’s bold bravery you want to epitomise then pop on a tonal lip for a confident and oh-so-chic look.

If it’s a precious pick-me-up you’re in need of this autumn winter, one that moves away from traditional monochrome, choose pieces saturated in gem tones and embrace this elegant trend.


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