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Editorial Cairns Central Racing Fashion Stylist Amanda Macor

Posted on 16 August by

Amanda Macor's Top 5 Tips

When it comes to fashion, racewear is in a league of its own and no one knows it better than racing fashion icon Amanda Macor. Here are Amanda's top 5 tricks for how to make sure your outfit is sash worthy.


Stockings finish off an outfit, they accentuate the legs and create a smooth and slim look, however most people overlook them because they can’t be paired with strappy shoes. Enter Amanda’s number one tip, toe less stockings. You can have amazing looking legs, and you won’t get blisters! You can find them at Myer.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on bespoke pieces, customise ready to wear looks by adding simple pieces you have lying around your house. Use things like old earrings, beads and tassels to create a statement shoe or add old silk flowers, broches or cord to a basic hat or fascinator. It doesn’t have to be on trend, it just has to be interesting.

Don’t be afraid to layer. Layering can be the difference between a good outfit and a great outfit. Sometimes more is more. Layering can give an interesting detail without being gaudy or necessarily making a statement rather it can create a point of interest and be a conversation starter. Favourite stores for accessories are Colette, Lovisa, Witchery, Country Road, Sportsgirl

You don’t want to be rushed for time on the day so prep your hair the day beforehand. Book yourself in for a blow dry and style the day prior and let your hairdresser know that your event is tomorrow. They will often do tighter curls so they don’t drop out and then the morning of you are just left to do a few a final touch ups. You can book in at Hairhouse.

This one seems like a no brainer, but the most amazing outfit can be ruined by the wrong underwear. You need to create clean lines. Spend the money on good quality underwear that doesn’t cut you in anywhere. You can find the best underwear at Bra's N' Things, Kmart, Myer.

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