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Amanda Macor

Introducing Amanda Macor, local Fashions on the Field icon and winner of countless major events both on a local and national stage, to talk all things racing fashion.

1. How did you get started in Fashions on the Field?

As a youngster we spent most of our lives on or around racetracks as my father was a jockey and my mother was a dressmaker who would make silks and colours for owners. We would usually dress up for carnivals depending on our age or the job we had on track at the time. When we were clerking for the bookies, my friend and I would dress up for the big carnivals.

Dressing for Fashions on the Field really became a thing for me in my 20’s right here in Cairns. I remember attending Amateurs with Maria Dalziel and being mesmerized by local racing icons Raylee Byrnes and Judy Ivanavica. The polish and ladylike elegance they exhibited has been the source of inspiration for many of our earlier ensembles.

2. What inspires your outfits?

A nod to the latest trends but always classic lines with an unexpected twist. Sometimes it starts with fabric and influenced by amazing shoes. The real fun is collaborating with my creative friends to pull it all together. We all have strong design opinions and do not always agree but sometimes you look back and think “Well hell, would you just look at that”. The memories and friendships are priceless.

3. What are your favourites brands to work with?

Lana Michalenko, Ian Bennett Millinery, Kim Fletcher Millinery, Gail Taylor, Myer, Mimco, Collette, The Eye, Black Ivy Boutique and Sonlia

4. Who is your racing fashion role model?

Bernice Patton and Raylee Byrnes are two of the best dressed women I know. Crystal Kimber and Kelli Odell are also standouts on the current racing fashion circuit. There are so many amazing men and women in the racing fashion community that I look forward to seeing what they put together each year.

5. What’s your advice to someone wanting to enter Fashions on the field?

Dress for your personality and shape so you can be comfortable in your own skin. Trends are there for direction but if the colour of the year or style of dress does not suit you then you will not get the right feels and look back with regrets. If you do not love the process of collaborating and treasure hunting you will not be able to put together a true representation of your individual style. Most importantly, have fun!