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Gracyn Masterson

Introducing Gracyn Masterson, local Fashions on the Field icon and winner of major events both on local and national stage, to talk all things racing fashion.

1. How did you get started in Fashions on the Field?

Living on a remote cattle station in FNQ, there were few and far between places to go to socialize or dress up. My first ever race day outing was a small bush country races. We only went to town once every six months. So as a pre tween it was very exciting to go into the closest town Mareeba (3 hours from our station) to go pick out an outfit. My first outfit was a Sonlia piece. Walking out on the dusty race field in my wedges and new outfit with all the other beautiful ladies wearing their finest garments was a delightful sight. Especially when you have grown up in jeans and surrounded by rough country people your whole life. It felt like you could be anyone you wanted to be out there on the field.

2. What inspires your outfits?

It's not as much of a what but a who questions. The more I got involved in the fashions the more my family got involved in the design process. After a hard days work on the station we would all sit down and research the latest trends and plan the next outfit as a family. Still do to this day! I am always asking my mum and dads opinion. The old fella is quite a Fashionista!

3. What are your favourites brands to work with?

The lovely ladies at the Sonlia Pop up shop in Cairns Central have been there from the start. I love when they bring our designs to life. For accessories you just can't beat Myer in Cairns Central.

4. Who is your racing fashion role model?

I would have to say Alla Dimech! Alla has such confidence on stage and such pride in what she wears. I love the stories behind each of her outfits.

5. What’s your advice to someone wanting to enter Fashions on the field?

Don't stray from being yourself. Over the years I have seen a lot of ladies copying outfits. It takes a lot of time and effort planning an outfit and it can be quite heartbreaking when you see someone completely copy an outfit. Take inspiration but make sure to put your own spin on your outfit. At the end of the day, you need to feel confident in yourself wearing rocking your outfit on stage.