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Maria Dalziel

Introducing Maria Dalziel, local Fashions on the Field Icon and winner of the 2005 Ladies Day Amateurs to talk all things racing fashion.

1. How did you get started in Fashions on the Field?

I went to my first Amateurs Racing Carnival in the early 1990’s. Upon arrival I saw many men and women dressed so smartly, and in particular, the women in head to toe coordinated attire, I loved what I saw, and it was then that I decided I would like to do the same the following year.

2. What inspires your outfits?
Many things, sometimes it was because I found an amazing pair of shoes, other times it was because of unique fabric and other times I found something straight off the rack.

3. What are your 3 favourite Cairns Central brands?
Witchery – It is great for corporate wear and every day essentials
Country Road – Have the most comfortable weekend wear
Lovisa – Full of great accessories to embellish any outfit

4. Who are your favourite brands to work with?

I have never worked with any particular brands, I don’t believe it is necessary to “wear” a brand to look good or to win Fashion on the Fields. I loved having my outfits made by Svetlana Michalenko and Pauline Fenech. It’s all about styling and wearing clothes that make you feel “good”. Though, I did only use one Milliner, Amanda Macor. Amanda understood my personality and taste, she would always make me something that was amazing and unique, my hats were always my favourite part of my outfit thanks to Amanda.

5. Who is your racing fashion role model?

My role model is anyone who makes the effort to dress up for the occasion and is a positive influence on the event. I think our Fashion on the Fields winners in FNQ do an amazing job when competing locally and down South. They are great ambassadors for our region.

6. What’s your advice to someone wanting to enter FOF?

Don’t try to be someone else, wear something that is comfortable and reflects your personality. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on outfits to win. Some of my outfits cost less than $200 and I won several competitions. Add your own personal touches to enhance the outfit, this can transform an outfit from nice to amazing. Get creative and have fun. Most of all don’t get too competitive about the event, support and encourage other entrants. Make sure you complement each other. I have met the most amazing women and made the greatest of friends when competing in Fashion on the Fields.