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Michelle Champion

Introducing Michelle Champion, local Fashions on the Field Icon and winner of major events both on local and national stage, to talk all things racing fashion

1. How did you get started in Fashions on the Field? 

I have ridden horses since a really young age so I had always loved attending the races. But it wasn’t until I started dating my Husband Wade Champion that I got introduced to the Fashions on the Field world. He was an avid race goer so we started attending all of the race days. I got picked as a winner on a race day where they pick you out of the crowd and it was an awesome experience. I decided to then enter fashions that year at Cairns Cup and won! And that’s where it all started!

2. What inspires your outfits? 
Mainly what’s on trend at that point in time, plus I’m always on the hunt for a statement piece or something that is really different. I love a good talking point for an outfit and wearing something that no one else would have worn before. 

3. Who are your favourite brands to work with? 
Can’t go wrong with By Johnny, Zimmerman or Kivari 

4. 3 Favourite stores in Central (or brands found in Myer)? 
My favourite brands in Myer would be Sass and Bide, Wayne Cooper & Seed and my favourite stores in Cairns Central would be MyerWitchery & Country Road.

5. Who is your racing fashion role model? 
I don’t have a particular role model, however we do have some very talented local dress makers and milliners that I would always be happy to gain inspiration from.


6. What’s your advice to someone wanting to enter Fashions on the Field? 
Wear what suits your body shape and what you feel comfortable in. You don’t have to spend a fortune to enter or to win so just have fun with it and enjoy the day.