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Events Influencer Self Love Panel

11:00am - 11:45am

The Centre of You

Listen to wellbeing social influencer Elle Fit and local influencers The Real Simone Marie, Maddi Wright, Pip Miller, Kristy Valley and Jarron Andy as they discuss topics of Self Love including topics of empowerment, confidence and motherhood. Hosted by Style Magazine Editor Tracy Sinclair there will be two panels at 11am and 1pm on Saturday 27th October. All panel sessions are free and everyone is invited to come along!

+ The “Confidence” Panel - 11am
It’s My Body And I’ll Love It If I Want To
Four inspiring people from all walks life will discuss daily life challenges, and the best ways to deal with the pressures we put on ourselves to look and act a certain way. Listen to influencer Eliza Landgren (@elle_fit), Simone Marie, Maddi Wright and Jarron Andy talk about the importance of body positivity, how to take care of your mental health, how to build resilience, and the benefits of living an active lifestyle.

+ The “Nurture” Panel - 1pm
Being A Mother In The Digital Age
Local influencers Kirsty Vallely, Pip Miller, and Maddi Wright discuss how they challenge the societal expectations that come with being a mother, and why supporting other mums is so important. Fitness advocate Eliza Landgren will also discuss the importance of taking care of yourself, as well as your family, and how you can incorporate small lifestyle changes into your daily routine to get yourself back on track to being a healthier, happier mum.


About our panelists:

+ Tracy Sinclair

Tracey Sinclar
Hosting each of the panels will be writer, mother, and business owner Tracy Sinclair, who is the editor of Style Magazines in Brisbane. She’s been working in the newspaper and magazine industry for 25 years, and loves supporting start-ups, family businesses, and Australian fashion.

+ Elle Landgren

Elle Fit
Based in Burleigh, Eliza is passionate about helping people with chronic pain, and those searching for an active and fit lifestyle. After being diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 14 and experiencing chronic pain and fatigue while studying at university, she decided to create Elle Fit, and now creates online guides, posters, and calendars to encourage people to look after their bodies.

+ Simone Ellis

Simone Marie
Passionate about creating awareness for mental health issues and dispelling the stigma attached with mental health, Simone shares her own experiences throughout her life journey dealing with anxiety. While offering advice and tips via her social accounts, she also promotes body positivity, and stands for taking care of both our inner and outer self.

+ Maddi Wright

Maddi wright
Previously a host on Triple M Cairns and now a mum of two boys, Maddi shares her day-to-day life, motherhood and marriage experiences, and parenting tips on YouTube, while chatting about and discussing a variety of issues with other mums via her #mumchat series. She’s extremely passionate about supporting and helping other parents, and also doubles as a celebrant and house decorator.

+ Jarron Andy

Jarron Andy
Born and raised in Cairns, Jarron was the first indigenous Australian male to be signed with Chic Management, and invited to walk the runway at the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival. As the former Face Of Cairns Central, he’s passionate about being a positive representation of the indigenous man and culture, speaking about youth suicide, and many other issues facing the aboriginal community.

+ Kristy Vallely

Kristy Valley
Founding her Imperfect Mum Blog in 2011 to share her own experiences of motherhood, Kristy has now created a space where women from different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs can come together to support one another, judgement free. She loves to help and guide other mums through difficult times, after sadly losing her first baby and suffering from postnatal depression.

+ Pip Miller

Pip Miller
As a PR consultant, writer, stylist, and mother of 6, Cairns Central resident stylist Pip is an extremely busy woman. With over 30 years of styling, media, and content creation experience, she loves to get involved with local fashion events, and help women to feel confident in the clothes they choose to wear.

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